Angular 4 integration with liferay DXP and firebase

Angular4 and Firebase seed

A simple starter project demonstrating the basic concepts of Angular 2.

First of all we all need to make sure that below mention software installed properly with appropriate version as mentioned below.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have node.js installed version 6+
  • Make sure you have NPM installed version 3.9+
  • Deploy using gradle or Eclipse Liferay tools


Run this command in same project directory

Add Firebase to Your app

  • Create a Firebase project in theĀ Firebase console.
  • click to Create New Project.
  • If you already have a Firebase project, click Add App from the project overview page.
  • Click Add Firebase to your web app.
  • Note the initialization code snippet, which you will need to replace in environment.ts file.

src\main\resources\META-INF\resources\enviroments – sample code

Github Code

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